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Pay Per Click Advertising

Battle Bridge Labs is focused around those who work in ``Pay Per Click`` advertising. Our team is well-versed in advanced techniques of Analytics, PPC and SEO. We want to help you get the most out of every click.

Account Management Maintenance

We are a community built to help advertisers get more value out of their advertising dollar. We work with entrepreneurs, small & large businesses, PPC managers and a variety of other industry experts.

Conversion Optimization Advice

With 12 + years of experience, the Battle Bridge team has managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly ad spend, along with working alongside industry-leading professionals.

Funnel Creation & Optimization

We have extensive experience building marketing funnels and can help to assist your business in acquiring conversions through strategic funnel creation.

A team of online marketing experts skilled in strategy, planning

Welcome to Battle Bridge Labs, a vibrant and thriving community of advertisers (people who advertise using Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc) or people who want to learn how to generate more revenue, sales, or leads using online advertising.

PPC Management & Maintenance
Email Marketing & Strategy Consulting
Conversion Optimization Advice
Funnel Creation
Account Management
Branding & Copywriting
Account Growth
Strategy Development
Battle Bridge Labs

Generate More Revenue

And Get The Most Out Of Your Advertising Dollar

Defining advertising goals

The Battle Bridge team will work with your business to clarify strategic advertising goals while working to construct an approach that will help to maximize every advertising dollar spent.

Develop strategy

We will work to develop a strategy tailored personally for you and your business.

Integrate market research

We will do preliminary keyword research, assist in the creation of AdWords/Bing Ads/Facebook / Amazon accounts when necessary, and provide Testing, Bid Management, Reporting, Account Maintenance, and Marketing Strategy.

Optimize campaign workflow

We will identify areas of improvement, growth, and discuss feedback your team is seeing from the campaigns.

Analyze results

We will provide monthly reporting that digs deep into cost per acquisition, return on ad spend, creative split testing, sales numbers.

The Battle Bridge Team


Travis Phipps

Founder and Chief Anarchist / CEO

After 12+ years in the Internet, Technology, and Digital Marketing World working for start-ups and fortune 500 companies, Travis and his wife Robin branched out on their own and launched

During the “CherryLoop” years, Travis founded an exclusive PPC Consulting Firm and oversees the management of hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly ad spend for several dozen clients.  He drives millions of dollars in monthly revenue for those clients under the Battle Bridge Labs platform.


Aren Johnstone

President / COO

Robin Brinson


Allan Cole

PPC Account Executive

Jim Sills

Director of IT

Josh New


Adam Gudgel

PPC Account Manager

Alex Edmondson

PPC Account Manager

Perry Belcher

Advisory Board

Ben Belcher

Director Las Vegas Office

Joanna Marlow

Director of Business Development

Jude Colina

Executive Assistant

Summer Smith

Community Manager

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